Henderson Co. Fiscal Court passes resolution in support of US, KY constitution

Henderson Co. Fiscal Court passes resolution in support of US, KY constitution

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - In Western Kentucky, some fiscal courts have passed resolutions affirming the Second Amendment. Henderson County is among them, except their resolution covers the entire constitution. The court passed this resolution unanimously during their meeting on Tuesday.

The resolution says the fiscal court reaffirms its oath to support the US and Kentucky constitutions, and it will pass no legislation against those documents. That’s different from other counties. Some resolutions other counties have looked at try to specifically protect Second Amendment rights.

Some citizens at the meeting say it should have been more focused on the Second Amendment.

“I think it’s nice that you affirm your oath, but under the circumstances, I think you’re missing the point," said one citizen at the meeting. “The point is the Second Amendment is under attack."

County Judge-Executive Brad Schneider said at the meeting he’s heard from many people who are concerned about more amendments than just the second.

“Not being as specific as some people would like, I think still offers our support but acknowledges opinions everybody has about this issue and issues about the constitution,” said Judge Schneider.

Some citizens at the meeting also brought up an idea of Henderson County becoming a sanctuary county for the Second Amendment. Judge Schneider said those types of resolutions don’t carry any weight.

“In some of the language I’ve seen in some of the resolutions passed that involve sanctuaries, it kind of implies that local counties can kind of pick and choose which laws they support," said Schneider. "And, in some cases perhaps even judge themselves what laws are constitutional or unconstitutional. And of course, not within our purview. The constitution doesn’t allow that.”

Still, some were adamant that the county should make a statement about the Second Amendment.

Union County also looked at a similar resolution on Tuesday. The difference is their resolution is that it only talks about the Second Amendment. It also declares opposition to any infringement on the right to bear arms. Their resolution also passed unanimously.

Union County follows suit with Hopkins County, which also passed a similar resolution recently.

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