Edgewater Grille in Newburgh still open, sale pending

Edgewater Grille is still open, sale pending

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - Edgewater Grille has been serving up food to the community for more than two decades.

However, Jackie and her husband recently decided to sell the business.

“It’s all from my heart, it’s not business anymore, you know I’m giving up something I love to do,” said owner Jackie Schen.

A few months ago, a Facebook post by someone in the community stated that Edgewater Grille had been sold, something Jackie didn’t see coming and she says it isn’t completely true.

“We were never going to announce that it was sold until it was sold. It’s still pending, we are still here, struggling, people are on Facebook saying we’re closed,” said Jackie.

Jackie says the false news has hurt her business and worried her employees.

“My staff was very upset. I hadn’t told them anything about pending," said Jackie "They have their jobs, there is nothing different, we’re good people, we are gonna make sure that we take care of who we can.”

Until the sale is finalized, Jackie wants everyone to know their doors are open, and they are gearing up for Valentine’s Day. Once the sale is finalized, she said she will let everyone know.

“It’s time, 22 years later, it’s two decades, and it’s just time,” said Jackie.

Jackie is looking forward to the last few months of serving Newburgh and is asking everyone to come by and enjoy for one last time.

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