Showplace South to start showing art house films

Showplace South to start showing art house films

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Changes are coming to what movies you’ll be able to see on the east side.

Showplace South recently announced they will begin showing “art house” styled films.

They want to bring more artistic films that won’t be normally featured at the bigger theaters in town.

They hope to open a couple of different films every week.

They will still show a few films that have come out in recent months.

Leaders for the movie theater say they hope to bring in films that will get people talking.

“These are thought-provoking films that we’re bringing in, different avenues of life," said Mick Stieler, North Park Cinemas president. “And hopefully it’ll open up their eyes, and hopefully something will catch their eye. And they’ll want to come and see it.”

Showplace South will have showings for “Honey Boy” and “A Hidden Life” starting this weekend.

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