Local soldier, wife speaks out about conflict in the Middle East

Local soldier, wife speaks out about conflict in the Middle East

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - With tensions in the Middle East rising, day-to-day life is changing for some military families. It can be tense for families of deployed soldiers.

Michele Osborne and her husband Matt are both members of the 206th Engineer Battalion out of Owensboro. But back in July, more than 150 soldiers from the 206th were deployed.

Michele says she had to stay back.

“A lot of times they don’t allow the dual-military families to go, so after discussing it, we figured my part would be to stay back and he would go,” explains Michele.

Michele takes care of their three children. Our 14 News reporter walked into their house just as they were finishing up a FaceTime with him.

“Miss you, I’ll talk to you soon okay,” says Matt over the phone.

“It’s a lot for the kids because they’re like here’s daddy you know they can actually see and talk to their dad," says Michele. "So it lets them know that daddy’s still okay, daddy’s coming home.”

“Like the attack that happened, when you see that and I mean I’m sitting there watching these missals being launched and I’m here praying like please don’t let my husband be part of it," Michele explains.

Michele says having her husband deployed at a time when tensions are so high is something she did not expect.

“I never in a million years thought my husband would be over there in what’s going on," Michele says. "I never thought that one bit.”

Michele says she finds comfort in her “local military family” through the 206th Battalion.

“Even though I know other family members are around me and I have a good church community, but just having that initial military family itself, it’s great to have that," says Michele.

It is not known when those soldiers will be back on American soil. Michele says their deployment could be extended at any time.

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