Federal agents still investigating ATM skimmers

Federal agents still investigating ATM skimmers

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A week ago, authorities arrested Zlatko Galeatovici in relation to a federal ATM skimming investigation.

Federal agents tell us that although he acted independently in Evansville, they believe he was part of a larger skimming ring across several states.

When it comes to investigating and locating ATM skimming suspects, Evansville Police Sgt. Nick Winsett says they are often difficult to find.

“It’s almost like they will hit three or four banking institutions at one time, and they’ll move on to the next town, so they don’t stay in one place very long,” said Sgt. Winsett.

Winsett says they were fortunate to locate Galeatovici while he was in the act.

Secret Service Special Agent Michael Moore says they believe he wasn’t acting alone, and they are investigating two others. They’re calling it a “skimming ring," and they’ve been hitting ATMs in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan. Often times, caught on surveillance video together.

“They keep up with different ATMs, as ATMs advance, they advance,” said Sgt. Winsett.

Court documents say Galeatovici was responsible for more than $11,000 in unauthorized withdrawals in just a week’s time.

Sgt. Winsett encourages folks to always pay attention to their bank accounts, and take a look at the ATM before using your credit or debit card.

“Not always, but sometimes you can look at the machine and see if it has been tampered with," Sgt. Winsett says. “Another good idea is to maybe not use the remote locations that are real far away from other people and things like that. They like to use those. And if you use the chip instead of swiping your card, that always is a better way of doing it."

Old National Bank tells 14 News that they have not seen any unauthorized activity with any clients since December 30.

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