Memorial girls basketball leading the SIAC

Memorial girls basketball leading the SIAC

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The girl’s high school basketball season is more than halfway over, and teams all over the Tri-State are making one last push in January before the playoffs begin.

The Tigers are in a very good position at 12-2 so far this year, plus Memorial is atop the SIAC leaderboard thanks to a big win over Castle last Friday night.

In his first season with the team, Lee Auker holds the interim head coaching position for now but is showing he has what it takes to lead the program permanently.

On a six-game win streak, the Tigers are more than happy with their new head coach and are using their defense, specifically, to help them win games.

“I really like it cause I’m like used to him since my freshman year, he’s been there, well a long time, but he’s a really good coach because I’m used to him, all of us like him and he handles things really well," said Ryleigh Anslinger, a Memorial junior.

“Obviously, we’re a team, and we’re there for each other, but he gets to all of us on a personal level and really just knows how to coach each of us to be our best," said Peyton Murphy, a Memorial junior. "Whenever we execute well defensively, our offense just tends to go a little better than normal, so as long as our defense is there, we’re good.”

“It’s nice to have some talent and some speed to play defense, but it doesn’t take a lot of that, it just takes a lot of work and the willingness to do it," said interim head coach Lee Auker. "Defense, if you play good defense and you’re helping, and you’re on a string so to say, you’re defense is on a string, you can compete with about anybody.”

Fans can catch the number one team in the SIAC back in action on Wednesday night. Memorial will travel to Central where tip-off is set for 7 p.m.

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