USI Women’s Basketball playing well despite young team

USI Women’s Basketball playing well despite young team

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - If you’ve been to a USI women’s basketball this season, you may not be quite familiar will all the players. That’s because the Lady Eagles have six newcomers out of the 11 of the roster.

USI returned only five players from last season because four graduated and two others left the program.

So, needless to say, head coach Rick Stein is working hard to get his team to gel and judging by their 6-3 record, they’re coming together nicely.

“For me, it was certainly gonna be a learning process with our basketball team. Our early schedule’s just been relentless," said head coach Rick Stein. "How we handled this tough early schedule was gonna really show us what kinda team we could be. This team’s gonna continue to get better and grow. We’re young, we’re new, we have four freshmen, and they’re playing, they’re playing a lot. Good thing is we have good players. It’s just a new inexperienced bunch that we’re trying to get experience pretty fast. Defensively we have to be a little more consistent. This team’s built to defend and rebound the basketball, we gotta take care of the ball. I think our best basketball’s still ahead of us.”

“Definitely thought it might be a little bit of a challenge because we have all the new people, the four freshmen, and couple transfers, but we’ve made it work," said Ashley Johnson, USI senior guard. "The five we had returning, we were all really close, so we’re just gonna take 'em all in and do what we gotta do.”

The Lady Eagles are back in action Thursday on the road against Indianapolis.

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