Marine surprises family at sister’s basketball game

Marine surprises family at sister’s basketball game

TELL CITY, Ind. (WFIE) - Just in time for Christmas, a Tri-State Marine is home with his family.

Private George Green has been at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina for the last two months.

It was a normal Thursday for Tecumseh Junior-Senior High School basketball player Ella Green as her team got ready for their game.

“We always line up for the National Anthem,” said Ella.

It was moments away from tip-off, against Tell City Junior-Senior High School.

“We were lining up, and they said my name. And I was like am I getting an award or something,” said Ella.

She wasn’t just about to receive an award.

“And then they asked my parents to come down, and I was like ‘okay I must of done something really cool that I didn’t know about,’” said Ella. “They started saying stuff about the military. I was like awe, they’re honoring my brother because my brother’s girlfriend use to go to high school there.”

The Green family was standing together on the court, but they were missing one thing. Ella’s older brother, George.

“I was definitely excited to see them,” says George. “I was nervous I was going to trip on the floor or something and fall on my face.”

George will be home for 17 more days. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Kassye Harper is soaking up every moment.

“Every time he comes home, I try to spend as much time with him as I can,” says Harper. “I’ve learned not to take things for granted."

George’s friends are also looking forward to having him home.

"I’m pretty excited because I haven’t seen him in a long time,” said Wyatt Keller, a friend of Private Green.

The reminiscing and laughter have only just started.

“I was ready to take the Christmas tree down. Since he’s home now I’m ready for Christmas,” said Della and Daryl Green, the parents of George and Ella. “Just spending time. That’s all we really got, you know.”

The Green’s say they’re excited to do all the usual family activities they normally do. Ella says she’s looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning alongside her brother like they did as little kids

Tell City-Troy Township Schools shared the video on their Facebook page.

Green is home for 18 days.

14 News is meeting with the family Friday evening, and we’ll share their story on 14 News at 10.

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