Evansville residents voice opinions over impeachment hearing

Evansville residents voice opinions over impeachment hearing

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - People right here in town have their eyes on Washington, D.C. as the impeachment vote nears.

It was difficult to get some folks to go on camera with us, but a few did share their thoughts. One man we talked with, who identified as a conservative, said he thinks this whole thing is a waste of time and money.

“It’s a big waste of time and money," said one man, who identifies as conservative. “There’s two different altars to bow at. So when people are bowing at their altar and they see people that aren’t participating, it kind of makes them angry.”

A couple of men, who said they are more left-leaning, say that they just hoped President Trump gets voted out next November, regardless of what happens right now.

“The law applies to all," says Chavis Jefferson. “If you break them, you pay the costs. It’s no different than me out here breaking a law. If I break a law and get caught, I need to pay the costs.”

But another answer we got from a lot of people on Wednesday was they are not even paying attention to it as they feel nothing will come of it either way.

We also spoke with the founder of My Campaign Web Jason Gerteisen, who led a rally in support of President Trump on Tuesday. Gerteisen’s rally was in response to one that was critical of President Trump.

“The only crime committed is by those in congress who that started this whole impeachment spectacle in the first place,” Gerteisen states.

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