Public works director proposes property ordinance change

Public works director proposes property ordinance change

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The city wants to crack down on the owners of dilapidated buildings in town.

Public Works Director Wayne Shelton tells us earlier this week he proposed a property ordinance change to city commissioners. Shelton says it is important that Owensboro residents understand what the property upkeep requirements are.

He says he is proposing changes for instances like hoarding, junked vehicles, privacy fence violations, and abandoned properties. According to Shelton, the current wording needs to be updated to include property maintenance issues the current ordinance does not.

He says when the Public Works Department receives complaints, they want to be able to take care of them.

“In a city the size of Owensboro you have approximately 25,000 households and 99 percent of those are in compliance," explains Shelton. "So this is really that one percent that takes things to extremes. It’s not that we get any more complaints. It’s just about how you’re able to deal with those complaints.”

Shelton says now that the ordinance change has been proposed it will go through the city attorney then have two readings before the city commissioners. That is expected to happen in early January.

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