Video: Man in back of police cruiser forces his way up front with ‘superhuman’ strength, drives off

LIBERTY, Ohio (WFMJ/CNN) - An Ohio man is recovering after investigators said he stole a police cruiser and crashed it into another car.

The incident was recorded on the patrol car’s camera. Police said the suspect may have been on some serious drugs.

It all started when 31-year-old Jeffrey Willard of Sandusky was kicked out of Shakers Bar and Grill for being unruly.

Police said he then started throwing rocks at the bar owner’s car.

Police arrested Willard and put him in back of their cruiser while they questioned witnesses. That’s when police said he took over the police car.

“The gentleman slipped through his handcuffs, kicked in the partition to the cruiser - there’s a plastic partition - and was able to gain control to the cruiser because it was left running,” Liberty Police Dept. Chief Toby Meloro said.

He sped off in the police car but almost immediately hit a parked Chevy Equinox and sent it into the middle of the avenue.

Willard ran away from the cruiser but was quickly caught by police.

How was Willard able to do all of this? Police believe he was on drugs.

“As my officers said, it was dealing with someone with superhuman strength, so they are still researching at the hospital exactly what he was on. They are running all kinds of tests,” Meloro said.

Liberty’s police chief says he believes his officers were following basic police procedure, but he will look into the incident to see if the two officers involved did anything wrong.

As for Willard, once he gets out of the hospital, he will face a slew of felony charges. It turns out he was already wanted for on felony charges for a different crime in the Sandusky area.

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