Someone ate the duct-taped banana ‘art’ that sold for $120K

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (WSVN/CNN) - A banana duct-taped to a wall, the piece of art sold for six figures, was already stealing the show at a Florida gallery, drawing massive crowds and tons of publicity.

It got even more attention when someone walked up to the exhibit and ate it.

The piece of art, titled "The Comedian," was created by renowned artist Maurizio Cattelan and displayed at Art Basel.

The combination of fruit and adhesive was sold for a reported $120,000.

New York-based performance artist David Datuna casually removed the banana from the wall Saturday, saying, “Art performance. Hungry artist.”

Datuna unpeeled the banana with tape still attached started to eat.

The stunt quickly drawing the attention of the crowd and gallery staff.

"I couldn't see the banana on the wall, and I realized that there was one guy that was eating the banana," said Peggy Leboeuf, gallery director. "He had the banana in the hand, the tape around the banana, and so then I realized that he ate the banana."

Datuna insisted that, by eating the banana, he created art too.

"One artist eat for another artist, so I think it's cool," Datuna said. "This is what art (is) all about."

Within minutes, gallery officials moved in and replaced the banana, shifting focus back to the simple but mesmerizing piece of work.

"I have a selfie with a famous banana," one attendee said.

There was no word if Datuna faced any charges for the eating the banana art.

"I told him that he was insane, because you're not supposed to touch the artwork," Leboeuf said.

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