Security changes coming to Gibson Co. Courthouse

Security changes coming to Gibson Co. Courthouse

GIBSON CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Come the New Year, there will be mandatory security improvements in the Gibson County Courthouse.

​"Did I know the state was going to come down with a mandate, no. At some point yes, but maybe not this quickly," said Mary Key, a Gibson County Commissioner. ​

​Prior to the state recently cracking down on security measures inside Indiana courthouses, Gibson County commissioners and judges say​ they’ve already made some changes.​

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“It’s simply anytime you have a courthouse like this that doesn’t have proper security in place your asking for the possible situation like what occurred there,” said Krieg. (referring to Kwin Boes sentence)​

​However, some changes have already started to happen in Gibson County. ​

​"We now have armed bailiffs that are law enforcement officers, we now have a video system in place where we don’t have to transport too many prisoners over here. We can do most of that work over video. So that’s cut down a lot of the problems," said Krieg. ​

​Krieg says, their work has just begun. ​

​"We’re going to have to somehow limit access to this courthouse. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the world we live in," said Krieg.​

​Meaning, they’re looking to add more officers, screening devices, or metal detectors. ​

​County commissioners say they hope these changes are complete by summer.

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