New gaming facility highlights latest Ellis Park improvements

New gaming facility highlights latest Ellis Park improvements

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - It might be the offseason for racing at Ellis Park, but improvements and renovations are still in progress.

The first phase of renovations is just about complete. This included repairs to the grandstand and infrastructure improvements in the gaming area.

“We’ve added about a half-million-dollar water plant," said General Manager Jeffery Inman. “We’ve done a lot of infrastructures, things like we’ve just replaced the chairs here, we’ve replaced ATMs, a lot of the electronics.”

Phase two has already started. It will include new track lighting for twilight racing and a groundbreaking for a 60,000 square foot gaming facility at the beginning of 2020.

Also, this phase includes two restaurants and more than 800 historical horse racing units. Although that facility will not be completed for more than a year. Inman is just excited to see it all take shape.

“Ellis Entertainment is really excited just to be a part of the Henderson and Tri-State Community now," said Inman. “We are really excited to turn Ellis back into a racing and gaming powerhouse that it used to be.”

Inman also says they still have plans to build a resort-style hotel in the future. It would take the place of the current gaming facility, likely in the next three to five years.

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