Local businesses looking to cash in on Cyber Monday

Local businesses cash in on Cyber Monday

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Consumer reports show record online shopping for Black Friday and expect Cyber Monday to be even bigger.

Tri-State business owners are finding ways to cash in on the influx of shoppers. ​

For a locally-based online business owner, Sara Rhoades, this is the first year she’s started selling her homemade products on her own website.​

“It kind of started out as this little thing. My daughter and I were going to go do farmer’s markets in the summer, and in one summer it became this huge crazy thing that I barley can control now,” said Rhoades. “That has morphed into our website, which is Bloom Artisan, where we sell other small businesses handmade work from the area."

Little did Rhoades know that her sales would end up more than double than normal. ​

“I had no idea how amazing our sales would be,” she said. “I did more since black Friday than I did most of the rest of the year."

The majority of her orders are local, so she delivers them herself. ​

“I always make sure that I text or email that person, immediately saying ‘hey, your package has arrived,’" Rhoades said.

Something many appreciate around this time of the year, especially when it’s a popular time for thieves to swipe packages off your front doorstep.

Rhoades says her sales have been steady all day, and she’s expecting them to perk up more Monday night as people head home from work.

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