Henderson Co. High School students could be subject to random searches

Henderson Co. High School students could be subject to random searches

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Students at Henderson County High School could be subject to random searches.

It’s a new policy that comes just weeks after school officials say a student was found with a gun in his backpack on campus.

Principal Tommy Ransom says they’ve been telling their students about this policy on Tuesday. According to a notice sent to parents, students and personal belongings could be subject to random searches.

Those searches could be conducted with a metal detector wand, according to a policy in their student handbook.

The notice states that random searches could be but are not limited to, students in a classroom or students that happen to be tardy to class.

“You know, you have a safe environment, kids feel free to do what they need to do," said Principal Ransom. "And learn at their highest potential... Like I said, we wanted to continue to have a safe environment, and we wanted to make it even safer. And this is one of the things that we talked with the central office and also the administrative staff here, and teachers and come up with something to hopefully make it a safer environment.”

The notice says parents should also check their children’s backpack.

Below is the full notice sent out by Henderson County High School.

"This is Mr. Ransom, Principal at Henderson County High School, with important information concerning safety.

"Starting in December, we will be implementing our random screenings at Henderson County High School as per policy 09.436 page 81 of code of conduct. Students and their personal belongings may be randomly selected and screened by HCS administrators using a hand-held metal detector (wand). Examples of random groups may include but not be limited to; all students in a classroom, all students in a particular section of the school, all students in the hallway that are tardy to class, all students entering/exiting a selected door, all students on the third bus, etc.

"All procedures for the use of metal detectors shall conform to applicable legal standards and is in compliance with our board policy. Parents please monitor your student’s backpack to help us ensure that during searches or any other time there is nothing that could compromise their safety or the safety of other students.

"A reminder about medication. Medication that must be given at school should be brought to school by the parent/guardian.

“We strive to provide the safest learning environment at Henderson County High School. I would be happy to speak with you if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your children and for the support you provide.”

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