Skies stay clear to get Christmas Decorations up around the Tri-State

Skies stay clear to get Christmas Decorations up around the Tri-State

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - It’s no secret the Lashbrooks go all out for the holidays. They are almost finished setting up this year’s amazing display here on Indiana Creek Loop.

Its become not just their tradition, but one for families around the community.

“You can get out and walk through the sidewalk," said homeowner Jeff Lashbrook’s son-in-law, Josh Fisher. “Part of it behind me you can actually walk, we built a bridge through there, a lot of people like to take pictures and stuff back there and tag us on our Facebook page. And I’ve actually seen it where people use it for their Christmas card so it’s kind of neat.”

The elaborate light display usually goes up sometime after Thanksgiving. It draws so much attention that it often causes traffic jams that go out of the neighborhood and onto Highway 54.

“It’s kind of a family tradition for everyone else so we kind of have to reverse engineer it and say okay when’s Thanksgiving? Cause when do we need to coordinate,” said Fisher.

Lashbrook started his collection 25 years ago. He says he actually planned the entire landscaping of his home around Christmas decorating.

He adds a new decoration every year.

“That guy hanging by the reindeer, that’s new this year," said Fisher. "And then we have just a bunch of little things. Just minor improvements.”

And now, more than two decades later, it’s a family affair. The Lashbrooks and their three grown children work to fill their yard with Christmas cheer.

“It’s just building that tradition, not only for ourselves but for the community around us that drives us every year.”

The family says they will be done setting up and ready for visitors on December 1.

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