Giving thanks through the ups and downs

Giving thanks through the ups and downs

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Inside the doors of Sauced, dozens of people celebrated a day of thanks.

If you were there on Thanksgiving Day, you would have seen Brandy Hart and her son Owen.

“I had a bit of everything, turkey, rolls, ham, green beans, cranberry sauce,” said Owen.

But what you would not have seen on their plate is the reason they were there in the first place. A recent fire at their apartment complex has made times tough on the family.

“This year we just needed to watch funds a little bit closer and we decided that we could come and do that and it’s just been great to come and have a good meal and meet some new friends and be thankful,” said Brandy.

Thankful through the ups and downs. Sauced Owner Scott Schymik says everyone has a story. No matter your situation, all were welcome.

“You never know what people are in need of and if it’s the smallest thing of one meal, we are happy to do that,” said Schymik.

“When you take time to be thankful for something, then you have less room in there to be upset and angry about things," explained Brandy.

A simple gesture, such as a plate full of food served with a smile can make a world of difference this holiday season.

“It’s just amazing that they took the effort, especially on a day like this when they could just spend it with their own families, but they’ve put together and organization where everybody else’s family can get a meal they deserve," said Owen.

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