Weather having little impact on Evansville’s holiday flights

Weather having little impact on Evansville’s holiday flights

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Holiday travel is in full swing with just one day left before Thanksgiving.

Multiple cities across America are experiencing delayed flights, which is having an impact on those traveling to and from the Tri-State. Those landing at the Evansville Regional Airport from Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday said they didn’t experience any delays, but some coming from Atlanta did.

The Bartlett’s just flew to Evansville from Charlotte with their baby. For Nicole Bartlett, Mount Vernon is her home and that’s where she plans on spending this Thanksgiving.

“It went pretty well," explains Bartlett. "There was some congestion in the Charlotte airport, but it was fine once we got in the air and got here.”

Newlyweds, Allie and Kemp Caudill ran into some delays today flying from Atlanta.

“We didn’t get to celebrate much of a Thanksgiving, but we’re glad to be here all the way from Florida,” says Allie.

For the most part, flights have been coming in and out of Evansville on time bringing families like the Bartletts home. Landing right on time they are now ready to celebrate with family.

Despite the delay, the Caudill family is happy to be home to and ready to celebrate their first thanksgiving mixing family traditions.

All in all, people are not having a hard time flying to Evansville right now. Unlike other parts of our country where winter weather is delaying holiday travel plans.

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