Tri-State woman creates a ‘giving coat rack’ to help those in need

Tri-State woman creates a ‘giving coat rack’

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A Tri-state woman is spreading holiday cheer through an act of kindness. That act is to make sure those in need have a coat this winter. ​

​"Today I’m out here giving away coats for free to the homeless or anyone standing in the need. I love to do what I can to make sure another person is warm this winter," said Adeline Chinn, the woman spearheading the idea of the coat rack. ​

For five years, around the holiday season, Chinn puts out a coat rack stocked with donated jackets for anyone in need.

“Many years ago I was homeless. I’ve done a lot in my past, and I’ve walked this life," said Chinn. "I’ve went without coats, and I’ve been cold, and part of my heart has just lead me to this missionary work.”​

No matter what someone’s story is, the coat is theirs. ​

“I’m not homeless or anything, but I could always use a nice coat for winter, or a jacket for events, and this is just what I needed,” said Karen Botton, a woman who stopped by the coat rack. ​

​Each year Chinn has given out 30 to 50 coats and says she takes coat donations year-round.

People can drop them off at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church or contact Chinn at 812-455-5564. ​

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