Local businesses benefit from annual Christmas Parade on North Main

Local businesses benefit from annual Christmas Parade on North Main

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Sunday was the annual Christmas Parade on North Main. Hundreds of people gathered on the sidewalks to watch the Evansville tradition, but while the fun was going on outside, sales were going on inside a lot of Main Street businesses.

Several Main Street business owners told us they were very busy Sunday with the parade going on. Some of the businesses that are normally closed on Sunday’s opened back up.

Owners of Sweet Schmitt’s Candy said they opened Sunday in hopes to attract more business. The owner said they were about four times busier than usual.

“We were blowing circuits and things trying to keep things on for the hot chocolate and the Keurig coffee, so we’ve had to shut things down to keep power to where it was because it’s been a non-stop flow until the parade started," said Michael Schmitt, owner of Sweet Schmitt’s Candy.

Sweet Schmitt’s wasn’t the only business reaping the benefits.

Just a block south, GaylaCakes was open as well. They’re usually closed on Sundays, too.

“As soon as we knew about the parade, we knew we wanted to get people in and realize we were down here,” said Gayla Bell, owner of GaylaCakes.

She said they see a small sales bump when they open during the parade.

“We’ve had people today even that said we didn’t know that you were here or we didn’t know that you were down here," said Bell. "So its an opportunity for people that don’t normally come down to north main, they come specifically for the parade, so we just try to get them into our shop, too.”

The holiday tradition is one that Bell says they’ll be a part of for years to come.

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