Concerns growing after stoplight removed from intersection

Concerns growing after stoplight removed from intersection

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - County commissioners are concerned after a construction project left a Posey County intersection without a stoplight.

Authorities in Posey County say the intersection at Indiana 66 at Rexing and St. Phillips Road has been a dangerous one for years.

“Even since I can remember over 20 years ago starting with the sheriff’s office, we’ve always had a number of crashes there on an annual basis,” Sheriff Tom Latham explained.

For years a blinking light sat at the intersection, then more recently a stoplight was put in place by INDOT during the road construction. Today there is nothing in the way of stoplights in that area and commissioners said they’re worried about the public’s safety.

“This intersection is at the end of a four-lane and most people have not slowed down much,” President of the Posey County CommissionersCarl Schmitz said.

Authorities are concerned the problem is only getting worse in that area.

“I think even since this new construction has been completed, we’ve maintained if not seen a rise in a short period of time at that intersection,” added Sheriff Latham.

We reached out to Posey Dispatch, who reports an accident at the intersection right around the time the stoplight was reportedly removed.

“We need some form of notification there to get people to slow down because it’s in two corners, St. Phillips and Rexing and 66 meeting there, and there’s not good visibility anyway,” said Schmitz.

The Commissioners sent a letter to INDOT stating in part that they are extremely concerned about the dangerous condition of the intersection.

INDOT said the construction project itself alleviated the need for the stoplight.

Commissioners hope to start a positive conversation about changes in that area with state officials.

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