IL Woman reunites with troopers who saved her from runaway box truck

IL woman reunites with trooper who saved her life

Carmi, Ill. (WFIE) - Bud and Peggy Vaught have reunited with the Illinois State Troopers who were with them last week during a scary situation.

Peggy says they hit a patch of ice and went into the ditch near Wayne City on Nov. 12.

A tow truck pulled them out, but they had a flat tire.

Troopers Zimmerman and Pflaum stopped to change the tire for the Vaughts, and they were just about finished when a box truck started losing control.

“I didn’t even have time to think about it, I really didn’t,” said Bud.

The troopers were able to react, pushing Peggy into the ditch and ran out of the way.

“It kind of happened in slow motion, and when it was done there was that millisecond of okay, I’m still here, I get to see my wife and kid tonight,” said Trooper Pflaum.

The truck overturned right where the tree had been standing.

Peggy escaped with a few bruises and a broken arm while the troopers were not hurt. The box truck driver was cited driving too fast for the conditions.

On Wednesday the Vaughts reunited with the troopers they say saved their lives.

It was an accident none of them saw coming, but that they all say they were blessed to come out of alive.

One trooper says he owes it all to the prayers of his children.

“That’s one of those ones where you grab em hug em a little tighter and give em a kiss and say hey guys it worked,” said Trooper Zimmerman.

Hear some of what Peggy and the troopers had to say:

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