Fairfield Memorial Hosp. breaks ground on $19m project

Fairfield Memorial Hosp. breaks ground on $19m project

WAYNE CO., Ill. (WFIE) - A massive expansion is in the works for Fairfield Memorial Hospital.

Hospital officials broke ground on the $19 million project on Wednesday.

“I was born here, I have been a patient here, I broke my arm when I was eight, I had my arm set in the fracture room on the second floor, my family has been patients here through the generations," explains Fairfield Memorial Hospital Boardmember Dr. Patrick Molt. "This institution has been in an integral part of the life of our community.”

For rural Illinois folks who surround Fairfield Memorial Hospital, these shovels breaking ground for the facility’s fifth expansion is a good sign.

“Rural communities need to have the best healthcare available,” says CEO Fairfield Memorial Hospital Katherine Bunting-Williams.

The hospital employs 300 people and will soon add 60 more jobs with this three-story addition. Some new features include an urgent care center, emergency department, and outpatient clinic.

“Our third floor is probably what is the nearest and dearest to my heart because our current skill care unit is the only floor of our hospital that hasn’t seen renovations since 1950,” explains Bunting-Williams.

98-year-old Harlan Simpson, who has lived in the current skill care unit for four years, is determined to live long enough move into the new facility.

“I’m glad something like this is happening here,” Simpson says.

The hospital tells us this roughly $19 million expansion is the most expensive renovation they have ever done.

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