Operation Home For Good: Veteran, son moving into new home

Operation Home For Good: Veteran, son moving into new home

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Thanks to the help of a group of Army, Naval, and Air Force service members, a local veteran and her son will soon be moving into their new home.

This is a process that began in April after nearly four years of living with her parents, which the new homeowner says, at times, was a challenge.

“It’s lack of independence," explains Sherita Underhill. "I felt like I wasn’t independent or I never was going to get to that level because I couldn’t afford to go and get a realtor and put money on a house, couldn’t afford it then being a single parent.”

Underhill and her 4-year-old son, Brandon, were handed the keys to their new home during a special dedication on Thursday.

“But the thing was, for us, was to give you a key," veteran Don Gillies explained. "And key that would remind you of your service.”

Underhill came out of the Army as an E5, a Sergeant, who served from 2010 to 2016. A group of Veterans within Habitat’s core crew sponsored this build.

Many of them on hand Thursday to show their support

“When you got a key to anything, you also got something attached to that key to help you remember that key,” Gullies chucked as he explained the gift.

Underhill also gifted those core crew veterans with specially made dog tags.

“That’s my second family now," says Underhill. "I call them my grandpas.”

With a mission on her mind, Underhill put in an extra 100 sweat equity hours.

Operation: “Home for Good” is now complete.

Underhill and her son hope to move into their new home in about a month.

This is Habitat’s 514th home and is part of the Jacobsville Workforce Housing Partnership.

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