Leapfrog Group releases rating for Tri-State hospitals

Leapfrog Group releases rating for Tri-State hospitals

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - New health ratings are out for Tri-State hospitals.

Methodist Hospital improved its rating from an F to a C in the Leapfrog Group’s latest safety grades.

The CEO sent us a statement saying it’s because of new safety and quality improvements. Those improvements are some of the things the Leapfrog Group looks at.

The health non-profit’s president says they use a panel of patient safety experts to evaluate 28 factors related to how safe patients are from preventable deaths.

From there they assign a grade.

“We’re a watchdog,” Leapfrog Group President Leah Binder explained. “We publicly report on the safety of every hospital in the country and we really try to encourage people to look at that information and use it to make really informed decisions about where they seek care.”

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Here’s a look at the grades for other hospitals in the area ranked:

Owensboro Health, Deaconess Gateway, Saint Vincent = B

Deaconess Midtown is one of only about a third of hospitals nationwide to get an A.

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