UE’s big win adds fuel to sibling rivalry

UE’s big win adds fuel to sibling rivalry

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A set of Tri-State twins are taking sibling rivalry to the next level.

It’s in the spotlight after the Evansville Purple Aces historic victory over the No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats.

Chas and Alexis Welte are both from Newburgh. Chas is a cheerleader for the Wildcats while his twin sister Alexis is is on UE’s cheer squad.

Chas was on the sidelines last night during the game as his beloved big blue nation was beaten.

“Yesterday when I texted him I told him to tell the basketball team to be easy on our boys,” Alexis says. “He made a little joke and was like ‘well we’re No. 1 in the nation.’ I said ‘I know.’ Just tell them to go easy on us. When I talked to him after it was really fun. He said ‘wow.’ He called me. Said I am so proud of you guys. They did amazing. He was very positive about the whole situation.”

“Yeah, I’d say she’ll probably at least hang it over my head for the remainder of this basketball season," Chas says. "Luckily, she’s not a sore-winner. But I mean with something as epic as this game was, I can’t imagine her not wanting to bring it up when I come home for Thanksgiving.”

In the split household, Alexis tells us mom and dad were rooting for the Aces since they were the underdog, but admits they’re Cats fans every other day.

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