Season ticket sales rise after UE’s win over No. 1 UK

Season ticket sales rise after UE’s win over No. 1 UK

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Its been a busy couple of days for the University of Evansville’s athletic ticket office after beating No. 1 Kentucky.

Former University of Evansville basketball player Harold Malicoat knows a thing or two about good teams. 60 years ago, he helped bring some hardware back to campus.

“That team was the first time to win a national championship and it was a very good team," said Malicoat. “We had a couple of All-Americans on it and so we were in good shape.”

Malicoat remains true to his alma mater. He made sure to pick up tickets for UE’s game against IU Kokomo to cheer on the guys who now wear the uniform he once wore.

“The guys were determined before the game that they were going to win and so was the coach," explained Malicoat. "So yeah I am going out there to watch and cheer and jump up and down.”

Malicoat isn’t the only one making sure he has a spot for Thursday’s game. Those working in the ticket office, like Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing Scott Peace, say its been busy.

“We had an email ready to go after the game that if you texted the word 'upset’ to our ticket office, you could get $140 season tickets for the year," said Peace. "I know yesterday they sold over 100 of those.”

Peace says the last time they saw such an increase in ticket sales was when Coach Walter McCarty was first hired. Peace thinks the interest in UE basketball will continue to grow with more wins and Malicoat thinks the future is bright under Coach McCarty.

“Oh, I think it is definitely," said Malicoat. “With the coach they’ve got in McCarty, I think he’s going to keep on his players and he is a tremendous coach and he’s got a tremendous team.”

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