Weekend events bring economic boost to Owensboro

Weekend events bring economic boost to Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Downtown Owensboro is expected to be packed with people this weekend. The city is hosting a national conference and summit, bringing hundreds to town.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau works all year to bring different conferences and events to the community.

This weekend, Owensboro will be hosting the Young Professionals Summit and the CASA Conference, and that means packed hotels.

“We sometimes take tourism for granted," said CEO of Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation, Brittany Johnson. “Tourism obviously benefits our local business because they’re spending money in our restaurants and in our stores and filling up their gas tanks up at our gas stations."

Shea McWherter is the owner of Fetta located in downtown Owensboro. He says business can slow down when it gets chillier outside.

“This is a very destination weather-driven area right here," said McWherter." So when it’s cold and it’s messy out it’s a little bit slower."

Shea says when events like this weekend’s come to town, it definitely gives them a boost.

“Of course the more activity downtown the better off all of us as retail and hospitality industry business owners are," McWherter said.

“Not only does it benefit those local businesses, but it also benefits us from a local taxing standpoint and a state taxing standpoint as well," Johnson added.

Shea says he and his employees are preparing for a crowded restaurant on Friday and Saturday.

“This weekend we’ll be staffed to the hills ready for hopefully a big turnout this weekend," said McWherter.

Greater Owensboro Economic Corporation officials say a Home 2 Suites by Hilton hotel will be going in across from the convention center to accommodate guests coming to town for future events.

Details will be announced soon but the estimated completion date of the project is late 2021.

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