Slick conditions cause many slide-offs Tues., what to keep in your car

Many slide-offs Tues. due to slick conditions

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - When driving around the Tri-state Tuesday you likely saw a crash that was caused by icy streets.

“The weather caught everybody by surprise, a lot of people weren’t used to it, weren’t expecting it, it’s a lot slicker than it looks,” said Brian Feller manager of Feller Towing.

Feller Towing has been on the road since Monday night, picking up cars but with the high demand, it took them a while to get to each stop.

“Pay attention to your surroundings, and make sure you have plenty of fuel in your vehicle, so if you do get stuck, you’re not sitting there in the cold,” said Feller.

That's not the only thing you can do to make sure you're prepared.

Gerber Collison said your tire pressure is also important, and your windshield wiper fluid.

“We pass a truck, or we get behind a vehicle that’s got a lot of spray on our glass, then we all of a sudden have no way of cleaning that," said Ed Dietz area manager. "Icey spots, potholes, other vehicles, there’s all kinds of things that can cause issues at that time”.

Feller towing said they see a lot of crashes happening in the same spot, where the ice is dark, and there isn’t enough time for drivers to stop.

“There’s a lot of them over on those overpasses, they’re always the slickest spot, that’s where it usually starts,” said Feller.

Management at Gerber Collision suggested that drivers keep a blanket in their cars, a cell phone charger, and keep your gas tank full just in case you have an accident.

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