Hancock County prepares for alcohol sales after voting to go wet

Hancock County prepares for alcohol sales

HANCOCK CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Alcohol sales are coming soon to Hancock County. A vote in Tuesday’s election flipped the county from dry to wet with 61 percent of voters approving sales for the whole county.

Business owners are very excited about the vote outcome.

George Banks owns Tre’ Vione’s restaurant. He says he was a big supporter of getting the wet drys vote on the ballot.

“We had a lot of support from a lot of people. Clearly, because they wanted it," Banks said. “But then you also heard a lot of negativity and most of it was because they were afraid of, you know, liquor stores popping up everywhere or nationwide statistics and things of that nature."

Judge-Executive Johnny Roberts says there’s a law in place that keeps that from happening. He says there can only be one liquor license per 2,300 people, and in Hancock County, there are less than 9,000 residents.

One resident says he’s satisfied with the changes that are coming.

“So we need to look at it as a good thing, you know, with revenue for the city and for the county," said Hancock County resident, Douglas Moore.

Judge-Executive Roberts says now its time for him and other county officials to put together an ordinance. That ordinance will outline rules and restrictions on the sale of alcohol.

When that happens, Banks says he’s ready.

“I’ve been saving up, I’ve been optimistic about this," Banks said. “I was like when we get it this is what I’m gonna do. I bought a bar already. I know some people say you put the horse before the carriage but I already bought the bar. You know, I’m getting ready for it.”

Officials say the sale of alcohol will not start until some time in the new year.

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