Touchdown Live Sectional Championship: Memorial vs Central

Touchdown Live Sectional Championship: Memorial vs Central

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It’s a big night for high school football here in Indiana, as local teams prep for Sectional Championships in hopes of advancing in the post-season.

Maybe the most highly anticipated match-up here in Southern Indiana is between the Memorial Tigers and Central Bears.

These two teams both went to Lucas Oil last year, they squared off in a double-overtime thriller earlier this year in Week 7 and share the SIAC title coming out of the regular season.

14 Sports caught up with the Tigers, who are coming for a little revenge against the Bears in hopes of the Regional next week.

“We’ve been looking forward to this for a while and for it to come down in the Sectional Championship, it’s gonna be a big game," says Tiger senior wide receiver Dawson Hurley. "I expect a good crowd and it’s gonna be exciting.”

“I think it’s tough when you play a team twice cause both of you are gonna change things that you did before, you’re gonna keep some of the things that worked and get rid of somethings that didn’t work," explains Memorial Head Coach John Hurley. "The biggest thing that we need to get rid of is our turnovers.”

“I kinda like having the chip on the shoulder a little bit, it puts an edge to the game a little bit, more of a fire," Tigers senior lineman Pete Warner. "Not saying that I don’t have the fire already but it definitely brings a whole other intensity with all the talk going on.”

Touchdown Live preview: Memorial Tigers

These two are defending sectional champs, the Bears in 4-A and the Tigers in 3-A, moved up a class in the off-season thanks to the success factor.

It is hard beating a program like Memorial once, let alone twice, but that’s exactly what Central sets out to do on Friday..

“Games like this when you get deep in the playoffs one team is gonna be huggin’ each other and their fans are storming the field and celebrating and the other team is crying and taking their pads off for the last time," says Bears Head Coach Sean Coultis. "So hopefully we’re the ones hugging and smiling, but I’ll be proud of our guys either way cause we’ve had a great year. They had a great week of practice we’ve lifted a bunch of weights and watched a bunch of film and we’ve done everything we can do to put ourselves in the best position to win and I’ll be proud of them no matter what and I know they’re gonna lay it on the line.”

This revenge match-up is gonna be one for the books.

Touchdown Live preview: Central Bears

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