Business damaged by fire in Henderson

Business damaged by fire in Henderson

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - A fire in downtown Henderson Friday morning left a business damaged.

The fire happened in the 300 block of First Street. Fire crews say no one was hurt in the fire.

Firefighters say there was no one inside the building or in the upstairs apartments when the fire was reported.

We’re learning there was quite a bit of water damage downstairs and heavy fire damage upstairs.

Crews also tell us there were three apartments upstairs with only one occupied. The fire started in an unoccupied apartment.

We spoke with the business owner of the K9 Salon who says she received a call and panicked because she knew her cat was inside.

“Firetrucks everywhere. Everywhere. I couldn’t come in directly they told me that I had to wait," said Lori Howard, K9 Salon owner. "So I was crying, worried about the cat. They understood they went in with us and helped us find him, and we found him behind the microwave. He was a smart one he knew how to get out of the smoke.”

Fire investigators are working to determine what sparked that fire.

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