Officer cleared of wrong doing in man’s death resigns from EPD

Officer cleared of wrong doing in man’s death resigns from EPD

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - One of the officers involved in the incident with Edward Snukis has resigned.

According to the Evansville Police Merit Commission Agenda for Monday, Trevor Koontz’s resignation is effective November 7.

He was with the department for a little more than nine months.

Captain Chandler tells us the resignation has nothing to do with the incident.

Police say 55-year-old Edward Snukis, of Pennsylvania, died during an incident with officers on September 13.

They say Officers Matthew Taylor and Trevor Koontz were called to the area of Congress and Indiana Streets shortly before 8 p.m. because a man wouldn’t leave the area of a business.

Police say Snukis was not cooperative and punched an officer in the face.

They say a stun gun was used, but it had little effect.

Officers say he ran down Congress Avenue before he was caught and placed into handcuffs.

During the incident, police say an officer used a closed fist to hit Snukis because he was grabbing his leg.

They say Snukis became unresponsive, and CPR was started until medics arrived.

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Also according to the Evansville Police Merit Commission agenda, another officer, who was not involved in the incident, but was sworn in the same day as Koontz, has also resigned.

EPD issued a response on Wednesday through its Facebook page:

“...A probationary officer involved in the arrest of a man who died while in police custody has resigned. He resigned at the end of his probationary training year. Due to state mandated time restrictions, any officer who has not completed all of the required training within the allotted time has the option to resign. The officer is then allowed to reapply to the EPD and, if rehired, they are allowed to undergo another probationary period. There are several current officers who have utilized this process and have gone on to make great contributions to our agency and our city. Allowing officers to utilize this process also benefits the taxpayers. The investment into the officer’s training is completely lost if they are not given this option. However, when the officer comes back and successfully completes the probationary training process, the community investment sees a positive result...”

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