Daviess Co. preparing for recanvass after Gov. Bevin’s request

Daviess Co. preparing for recanvass after Gov. Bevin’s request

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Counties are now preparing for a recanvass after Governor Mike Bevin’s request on Wednesday.

“This was one of the hottest governors races in the history of Kentucky, I think," explains Daviess County Clerk Leslie McCarty.

McCarty says this will be the second recanvass in her tenure as a clerk. A recanvass was ordered in the Johnson/Glenn state representative race in January.

That race came down to one vote.

McCarty says there was also a recount in that race.

“In a recanvass, you’re making sure the machines did their jobs correctly and that there were no irregularities in the machines, and making sure the totals match," says McCarty. "With a recount, you’re recounting all of the ballots.”

McCarty says if this election ever did go to a recount, Daviess County election officials would have to recount more than 33,000 ballots. If it comes to that, McCarthy said they have a good system in place.

“I think a lot of counties, they took note of how we did it, so in case there was something like that in the future, and you know, if the governor decides to do that, I’m sure Frankfort will call and see how we did it,” said McCarty.

The recanvass will take place next Thursday at 9 a.m. McCarty tells us they will check their receipts in their fiscal courtroom.

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