Residents, county officials react to Governor-elect Beshear’s victory

Residents, county officials react to Governor-elect Beshear’s victory

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Thanks to voters in counties like Henderson, it was a great night on Tuesday for Governor-elect Andy Beshear.

With so much of Beshear’s campaign message focused on teachers, 14 News talked with the president of the Henderson Education Association, Mike Sprague, on how this could affect teachers.

If Beshear hangs onto the win, as expected, Sprague says he wants to see Beshear’s plans to fully fund education fulfilled.

“It’s about the kids," said Sprague. "If he’ll help us take care of the kids, we know that they’ll be taken care of. He stood beside us just like we have him in this election.”

But it’s not just teacher pensions on the line here. We’re also hearing from Henderson County Judge-Executive Brad Schneider.

He said the county pension system is important as well.

“Teacher pensions are one issue in Kentucky, but in our case, the County Employee Retirement System, CERS, is just a vulnerable, if we don’t continue to shore it up," said Schneider. "One thing I would like to see is the continuation of better decisions about our pension systems and that will certainly be a benefit to local governments.”

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Education Association is also praising Beshear’s victory. Teacher Union leaders say they expect a better relationship with beshear compared to Bevin.

The results of the 2019 Kentucky Gubernatorial election is expected to be re-canvassed on Nov. 14 at 9 a.m. per a request submitted by Governor Bevin.

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