Race for Tell City Mayor decided by 2 votes

Race for Tell City Mayor decided by 2 votes

TELL CITY, Ind. (WFIE) - The race for mayor was a close one.

According to the Perry County Clerk’s Office, 45 percent of registered voters voted on Tuesday.

Jim Adams and Chris Cail put up a fight to be Tell City’s mayor for this next term. Thanks to two votes, Cail took the title away from Adams, who has been Mayor for the past four years.

“It shows that Tell City was divided on who they wanted, but two votes was the final decision,” said Cail.

Perry County Clerk Amanda Mogan tells us even though the race was close voter turnout was good.

When asked what happens if Adams asks for a recount this is what she said.

“We go through everything very closely on election day when we count votes so we do not recount anything until we would be petitioned, they would petition the court and we would be instructed to recount,” Morgan explains.

She tells us Adams put a lot of faith into the accomplishments he has had the past four years of being mayor. But he said, “I guess it wasn’t enough.”

“You either just won by two votes or just lost by two votes, either way, its a shock,” said Adams.

Right now he says he is waiting for the official numbers to come in.

When asked if he [Adams] would ask for a recount if the results came back with him still behind by two he said he’d cross that bridge when he got there

According to the Perry County Clerks Office, 45 percent of registered voters in Tell City voted. But, what about the 55 percent who were absent this election?

“I didn’t know enough about either of the candidates to feel like I was making an educated vote so I just didn’t vote at all,” said Katlyn Zuelly.

After hearing the results of the mayoral race, Zuelly told us next time will be different.

“I should’ve voted, it’s important to know what’s going on in your community," said Zuelly. "You should be able to make an educated vote, I was not one of those people, I wish that I would’ve been, maybe next year I will be.”

Mayor Adams has 14 days to make a formal petition for a recount.

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