Heritage Hills prepares for the 3A sectional title

Heritage Hills prepares for the 3A sectional title

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Friday night is the Indiana Sectional Championships and over in 3A, the Pocket Athletic Conference is gearing up for a big showdown.

On one side of the bracket, it’s undefeated and conference champs Heritage Hills who defeated Gibson Southern last week in stunning 21-20 fashion, that included scoring 14 unanswered points with under 10 minutes to go, and blocking the Titans game-winning field goal.

The Patriots have had tremendous success the past few years in the regular season, but not come playoff time, and that’s something this year’s team plans to change.

“Knowing that Gibson played us that well, it kinda woke us up and got us ready, you know anything can happen it’s high school football," said Jacob Wetzel, senior linebacker and fullback. "It’d be awesome, but I think we, we’re set higher, our hopes, we’re wanting to get bigger things done also.”

“Hopefully we learned our lesson about mental preparation, although you really can’t... it doesn’t matter what happened before, I mean that’s what we gotta get through to these high school kids and any kid, you see it in the NFL as well, you just gotta come out and play and you gotta make plays," said Heritage Hills coach Todd Wilkerson. "Our goal has been to win the sectional and then everything else is just icing on the cake. So I think we’re right here at the doorstep, we have a great opponent ahead of us and we have a lot of respect for Coach Buening and the Raiders.”

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