Gov. Bevin requests recanvass

Gov. Bevin requests recanvass
Gov. Matt Bevin addressed supporters on election night, but refused to concede the race to his Democratic challenger, Andy Beshear.

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Votes show Andy Beshear won the race for Kentucky Governor by 5,086 votes.

Wednesday afternoon, Secretary of State Alison Grimes said Gov. Bevin requested a recanvass. She says it will be conducted Thursday, Nov. 14, at 9 a.m.

Recanvass Request
Recanvass Request (Source: Alison Grimes' Twitter)

Bevin Campaign Manager Davis Paine issued the following statement:

“The people of Kentucky deserve a fair and honest election. With reports of irregularities, we are exercising the right to ensure that every lawful vote was counted.”

Beshear’s campaign manager Eric Hyers also released a statement:

“Last night, the people of Kentucky elected Andy Beshear as their next governor. Today, Governor-Elect Beshear is already working on his transition so that he can best serve the people of Kentucky on day one. We hope that Matt Bevin honors the results of the recanvass, which will show he received fewer votes than Andy Beshear. As has been reported, a ‘recanvassing has never changed the result of a Kentucky election.’”

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