City Council race results could have big impact in Evansville

City Council race results could have big impact in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - UE Political Science Professor Robert Dion says change is coming to the city of Evansville.

"We're coming up on a brand new day, it'll be a mayor facing a crowd full of fresh new voices on the city council and whoever the Mayor is, is going to have to deal with those new faces and those new outlooks, new perspectives."

For the last four years, Evansville has been governed by a Republican Mayor, and a majority democratic city council. Democratic Party Chair Edie Hardcastle says they hope to retain the majority with candidates whom she says can and will work well with whoever is Mayor.

“I think we’ve got a crop of candidates this time that have actually stressed being bipartisan and working across the aisle and making sure that we get things done when we get this new city council in,” said Hardcastle.

The Republican Party Chair Wayne Park says they hope to accomplish something that has not been done in decades in Evansville; retain a Republican Mayor in Lloyd Winnecke, while also holding a majority within the council.

“We’ve got to maintain the good paying jobs we have in the city and attract new people to come here. So there’s some things that can get done and get done rather quickly and I think that if the mayor has a majority, that will be accomplished,” said Parke.

Professor Dion says Evansville has historically been a left-leaning city in elections.... However, he believes this election will be as competitive as ever.

“I think it’s a beautiful thing to offer alternative visions to give people a chance to choose between different directions, but if you dont know who the winner is, then doggone it very vote counts," said Dion.

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