Changes made to leadership in Warrick Co. Schools

Changes made to leadership in Warrick Co. Schools

WARRICK CO., Ind. (WFIE) - In Warrick County, changes are coming to the those leading the school system.

The board approved the modifications during its meeting Monday night.

Superintendent Brad Schneider says the current Human Resources Director, Tad Powless, who is currently on a leave, made a request to be reassigned.

He will now be the assistant principal at Castle North Middle.

That moves Greg Harris to principal of South Middle.

Current Castle South Middle Principal Jim Hood will move to principal of Castle High School.

Doug Gresham will move from Castle High School to Powless’ H.R. position.

“Sometimes circumstances dictate that you have to make some moves. Important thing is- we’re talking about four very skilled, talented administrated. We’re going to put them in some different roles, different positions, but they’re all highly qualified to do the work, and we’re looking forward to putting their skills sets to work in different places for the school corp and to serve kids,” said Superintendent Brad Schneider.

Schneider added the board did not anticipate making these changes, but he doesn’t believe they will miss a beat.

The changes are effective January 2, 2020.

Scheider says all positions will be at their existing salaries. He did not say why Powless requested the move.

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