Owensboro’s CYO Brewing to make own beer

Owensboro’s CYO Brewing to make own beer

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Big things are brewing for CYO Brewery and Taproom in downtown on East 2nd Street.

“All of this is brand new," said CYO Brewery Owner Drew Mitchell. “We’ve had it here but it’s all brand new and ready to go.”

In a few weeks, Mitchell’s business will be the first to brew beer in Owensboro since prohibition.

“We’ll start with initially on our first launch day we’ll probably have four of our own beers," said Mitchell. “We’ll quickly ramp that up to eight of our own beers on tap. And then we’ll likely expand over time to up to fourteen of our own beers.”

It is big news for this business owner, but Visit Owensboro says it should mean big business for downtown.

“It’s gonna increase foot traffic because you’re going to have more people that are walking from place to place trying out local beer," said Visit Owensboro’s Dave Kirk. “I think it’s gonna be extremely advantageous with the district.”

With a new brewery in town, Visit Owensboro has plans to introduce a new tour. A second brewery is set to open early next year.

“Once these places open we’ll definitely build some type of tour where you get to try, maybe its a ticket, you try a beer from the two different breweries," said Kirk. “Maybe you go to SIP Wine Bar and you try a couple different types of wine and then you go to the distillery. I think everyone will be pretty open to visiting more than one place.”

“We’re finally making a lot of headway very very quickly," said Mitchell. “We’ve got our federal license, we expect our state license very shortly, and we expect to have our beers on tap by mid to late November and really excited to bring some beers to Owensboro.”

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