Office of the Governor grants big money to western Kentucky towns

The Office of the Governor of Kentucky grants big money to local governments

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Last week, two cities in western Kentucky were notified they would be receiving money to improve parts of their region.

Tuesday, officials from the Governor’s office visited Lewisport and Livermore to present checks.

“Taxpayer dollars are not our dollars, they’re not our dollars to give to you," said Sandra Dunahoo, commissioner for the Department for Local Government. “They’re your dollars that are coming back to you through taxes that you pay through state local and federal taxes.”

Some of those tax dollars made their way back to Lewisport.

“It means a whole lot to the city of Lewisport. We’re actually going to get nearly a ten thousand square foot building," said Lewisport Mayor, Chad Gregory.

Lewisport is receiving $500,00 to build a brand new library. The mayor said this money will really help the city out. He says right now, the Hancock County Library and City Hall share a building.

“Right now they occupy half of the city hall for the city of Lewisport," Mayor Gregory said. “We’re actually going to be getting that half of the building back. So both parties win with this."

In Livermore, they’re getting money to fund a project the fire chief says has been much needed.

“We’re so small and to be noticed by the governor and the state. We need a new fire station and some help with that," said Livermore Fire Department Chief, Thomas Brown.

With the $500,000, Livermore will be renovating and updating its 1922 fire station.

Morton Gap also received $835,000 for a wastewater treatment center rehabilitation project. Madisonville received $100,000 for a new maintenance building at Mahr Park. Earlington got $122,000 for improvements to the Loch Mary Lake ATV Park and White Plains got $86,000 for construction of a new spray park.

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