Evansville Police release name, body cam from officer action shooting

EPD officer remains on leave after police action shooting

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Evansville Police have released the name of the officer involved in shooting earlier this week.

The Evansville Police say he is Officer Mario Reid.

They say he joined the EPD In January of 2014 and is assigned to motor patrol, 2nd shift, East Sector.

EPD release name of officer involved in shooting
Officer Mario Reid
Officer Mario Reid (Source: Evansville Police Facebook)

Wednesday, police released the body cam footage.

We want to warn you. The video could be disturbing.

Full Press Conference: EPD releases body cam video in officer action shooting

Police say a call came in about a crash Monday night near Morgan and Theater.

They say Terry W. Chanley crashed into a pole.

In the video, the officer briefly talks to a witness before making his way to Chanley.

The officer says “how are you doing” and “are you alright” before requesting a license and registration.

That’s when police say Chanley started reaching for something.

The officer says three times “let me see your hands.”

At one point both hands are visible, but that’s when the video shows Chanley start digging again.

Then, police say the officer sees a black object and feels threatened, opening fire. This is a photo of the hammer the officer believed was a gun:

Hammer found at police action shooting scene
Hammer found at police action shooting scene (Source: Evansville Police)

At the moment with low visibility, EPD says the officer didn’t know what the Chanley grabbed.

“He was very overcome by emotion," says Sgt. Cullum. “The person you hear on that video after this starts to get towards the tail end is not some trigger happy policeman. It is a public servant, who has dedicated years of his life to the community. He is a father, he is a husband. That is what comes after this is making sure their mental health is taken care of.”

Officer Reid remains on a standard three day leave. Police say he is also meeting with a mental health counselor.

“Is not some trigger happy policeman, it is a public servant, who has dedicated years of his life to the community,” Sgt. Cullum explains.

Police say in addition to his public safety service, Officer Reid is known for his involvement in the Evansville African American Museum’s Black History Month educational programs.

They say he has also dedicated his time to the Baptist-town Street Festival in an effort to improve relationships between police officers and residents of the 4th ward.

Officer Reid also partnered with the EVSC and created a financial literacy program for at-risk youth.

Prior to joining the Evansville Police Department, Officer Reid served the youth of our community as the after school programs coordinators with the Carver Community Organization.

Police say his continued desire to reach the youth of our community and to build bridges of trust speak to his character and his vision for policing in our community.

The coroner’s report shows Chanley died from a single gunshot wound to the chest, although you hear multiple shots in the video.

Officers say he appeared to be intoxicated, but the toxicology report has not been released yet.

Chanley’s funeral will be this Friday at Browning Funeral Home on Diamond Avenue.

Terry Chanley. (Source: Family picture)
Terry Chanley. (Source: Family picture) (Source: Chanley's family)

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