UE vs USI exhibition basketball highlights

UE vs USI exhibition basketball highlights

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The return of the USI, UE exhibition game was Monday night.

There was lots of excitement for the Aces who have a lot of new faces, and of course USI, who’s coming off their final four appearance.

It was a close game that ended with the Aces on top after overtime.

“It was a great game from a learning standpoint thought USI’s guys played really hard-fought and probably deserved to win that basketball game," said UE coach Walter McCarty. "I was really disappointed in our guys, never in a million years did I think our guys would play selfish.”

“Really enjoyed the game it was a possession game, which I think is what both our programs need with situations," said USI coach Rodney Watson. "We both played a lot of combos all in all thought it was a very good night for both programs.”

The Aces will their regular-season home-opener against Ball State on November 9, while USI has another exhibition at Purdue on Friday.

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