Inmates help build new part of Henderson Co. Jail

Inmates help build new part of Henderson Co. Jail

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Inmates helped build part of Henderson’s new probation and parole building.

Jailer Amy Brady tells us the building was paid for through revenue funds and will receive $400,000 back through a state contract.

She also says the inmates who helped in the build learned valuable skills that will be useful after they’re released.

“When they’re out of jail, and they get in with the wrong crowd, or they don’t feel valued, then they don’t know, and they forget about the talents and skills that they have,” Brady said. “And when they’re incarcerated, we try to find those talents and skills and bring them out and show them that if you use what you have and you use it the right way, then you can support your family.”

Brady says inmates who helped build the building received “extraordinary good time” that goes toward their sentence.

She says they’re the first jail in the state that has done something like this.

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