Hopkinsville couple loses power at wedding reception, lights come on during special moment

It wasn’t just wedding bells sounding off over the weekend...

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but Taylor Johnson Enright says she couldn’t help to be a little bit bummed out when she saw the weather on her big day.

“About three o’clock, a huge storm blew through Hopkinsville Kentucky. Fifty, sixty mile an hour winds. It was pretty intense," said the bride, Taylor Johnson Enright. “And then the power kicked out and we already had guests arriving so they were just sitting in the dark."

Taylor says following the ceremony there was still no power at the reception venue.

“Afterwards, the owners came up to my parents, and they said due to insurance reasons they weren’t gonna be able to keep us there after dark and that we would have to end the reception really really early and that was really discouraging," said Enright.

Taylor says since they were on the clock and had to get everything done before dark, she and her dad went ahead and started the father-daughter dance early into the reception.

“As soon as my dad and I got out there and started to dance, the crowd inside just started going crazy, and we were like wow they must really like that we’re dancing,” said Enright.

Taylor says the lights miraculously came back on when she and her dad started their dance. She says she thinks the lights came on because God was watching over her on her special day.

“My dad and I both started crying," she said. “And everyone that I’ve talked to that was there said ‘oh my gosh there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.’ Everyone was just so emotional because it was such a powerful moment I think.”

Once the lights came back on, the bride and her husband say they were able to enjoy the rest of their night with their guests.

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