Firefighters save woman’s son’s ashes from apartment fire

Firefighters save woman’s son’s ashes from Weaverton Apartment fire

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - As fire destroyed the Weaverton Apartment Complex Saturday morning, Lynn Dills, a resident, says firefighters went in to save her son’s ashes.

Dills says she left her son’s ashes inside her apartment. She says she had come home from surgery the evening before the fire broke out. She also says smoke filled the building.

As she got outside, she went to firefighters and asked them to go back in to retrieve her last memory of her son. They found his ashes and brought it out of the building to her. She says she has firefighters, Jeff Crafton and Cory Agnew, to thank.

“And when they brought him out," Dills said. "I know a lot of people don’t understand that, but it felt like I was losing him again, you know?”

Lynn said she isn’t sure what she’s going to do next, but with her son still with her, things seem a little brighter.

“Even though I have no home, that doesn’t matter," Dills said. "I still have my son, if that makes any sense.”

As for the fire, 14 News has checked in with investigators. They tell us there is no update on how the fire was started.

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