Work on Lloyd Exp. to pause temporarily

Work on Lloyd Exp. to pause temporarily

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A traffic project on the Lloyd Expressway is still causing some drivers headaches during their morning and evening drives.

INDOT officials say the project itself won’t be finished until closer to June 2020, but in the coming months, the cones could go away temporarily, which will be a huge weight off the shoulders of drivers.

Jason Tiller with INDOT says soon work will pause much like what happened on the Pigeon Creek Bridge last year during the Fall Festival.

“Eventually we’ll get to a stopping point," says Tiller. "I mean this type of work, you can’t really do it the cold weather, plus we’ll have snow coming, and we’ll have a whole lot of other complications and things that are just not conducive to performing construction projects in the wintertime. So we will eventually get to a stopping point, and we’ll stop for the winter and then ramp back up this spring.”

Crews are working to replace pavement that has been damaged and repaving the road with new concrete.

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