Businesses, schools, residents dealing with city-wide boil advisory

Businesses, schools, residents dealing with city-wide boil advisory

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Many locals made a trip to the store on Thursday to grab a case of bottled water after a water main break prompted a city-wide boil advisory.

The water superintendent says the advisory could be lifted by on Friday, but for now, the community is making due.

Sureway Food store saw an increase in customers looking for water. What would usually be a stocked shelf, had lots of empty space.

“It’s really been hectic,” says Sureway Food Assistant Manager Ryan Richardson. “I mean they have wiped us out, they’ve took everything we’ve had.”

But it wasn’t just Madisonville locals who stopped in the store.

Many businesses made sure to grab some water as well. Sureway has another shipment of water coming in Friday to make sure they are fully stocked.

“We’ve got the hospital, a lot of restaurants and fast food joints and getting everything that they can,” Richardson explains.

This boil advisory hasn’t just affected stores like Sureway Food. The administration at Hopkins County Schools dismissed students from all 15 schools at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

“Well basically we wanted to make sure that the kids were going to be safe when they’re at school so when we found out about the boil water advisory, that causes some issues as far as safety and sanitary conditions," Lori Harrison, Hopkins County Schools, says. "We just wanted to make sure that everyone would be fine.”

With the boil advisory expected to last through Friday, Hopkins County Schools has canceled classes for Friday as well.

“I mean we really just put the emphasis on safety and so when we found out about this and what the large impact was going to be, we just pretty immediately at that point, made the decision to dismiss,” explains Harrison.

The water superintendent tells us the break has been fixed, however, they must complete some testing in order to lift the advisory.

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